Ship Repair


Since start of operations in 1986 we have come to learn of the myriad problems a marine vessel can experience during its daily operations or in an unforeseen mishap. This experience has accumulated over the years and has helped us build strong repair solutions which directly benefit our customers.

Our repair services range from regular maintenance to hull repair, propeller and propeller shaft repair, dry docking, stern gear, steering gear and pipeline repair.

At WCS we undertake repairs and overhauling of Mini Bulk Carriers, Barges, Passenger vessels, and Pilot Launches as well. We offer comprehensive repair services including jumboising, refurbishment, modernization, upgradation and rebuilding. Our team performs top-side and voyage repairs round the clock. We pride ourselves on providing quality services with minimal downtime, competitive pricing and the finest workmanship.

Our specialist repair team is comprised of naval architects, highly skilled welders, structural fitters, electricians, pipe fitters, engineers, carpenters, riggers and ship repair management teams. Our team performs top-side and voyage repairs round the clock.

Without compromising on quality and safety, we ensure that every repair is completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our customers.

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At West Coast Shipyard we specialize in the repair of: