West Coast Shipyard


Mr.Francis Cabral

Founder, West Coast Shipyard

It was the vision and foresight of Francis Cabral that has made the Shipyard a modern day success story. Perceiving the emerging opportunities in a fast changing economic scenario, his innovative and strategic moves brought the Shipyard to its present stature, enjoying a reputation for earnest commitment to quality, reliability and economic viability among its clients.

In recognition of Mr. Cabral's skills in directing his business enterprises he was awarded 0n 26th August 1996 the prestigious VIKAS RATTNA & VIJAYA RATTNA AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE in the field of industry by the Industrial Economics Forum, New Delhi and the All India Economic Forum, New Delhi respectively.


Mr. Osric Cabral

Managing Partner, West Coast Shipyard

Osric Cabral is a Managing Partner of West Coast Shipyard. He joined the firm in 1999 and has since worked in the shipbuilding and barge hire industries. Since joining West Coast Shipyard, Osric has worked with clients in the oil exploration, sports and leisure, international shipping, and heavy manufacturing industries. His work has focused on shipbuilding, barge rentals, growth strategy, cost reduction, and managing day to day operations.

Mr. Cabral has a B.E. in Maritime Technology from the University of Southampton. Osric also serves as the Vice President of the Goa Barge Owner's Association and is an avid soccer fan (Manchester United). He resides in Goa and is married, with two young children.

"Two things make WCS special to me. First, it's really the people and the atmosphere we've managed to create that make the difference. It's rare to find so many intelligent, talented, motivated, and fun people from such diverse backgrounds in one place. Second, it's the environment of professional excellence and the interesting challenges this industry presents that drive me and makes this such a rewarding experience."


Mr. Nigel Cabral

Managing Partner, West Coast Shipyard

Nigel Cabral is a Managing Partner in West Coast Shipyard and is the head of strategy and business development. Mr. Cabral has over fourteen years of industry and consulting experience in transformation & change management, business process redesign, Telecom strategy, new product launches and mergers and acquisitions. Nigel has had extensive experience in projects in Europe, America and Asia.

Nigel is a graduate of bryant College in the US where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Business Management. He has an MBA from London Business School and he presently resides in Goa with his wife and two sons. Nigel is an avid sports fan, everything from cricket and football, to baseball and American football.

"At West Coast Shipyard, we have all the right ingredients to truly become the top shipbuilding firm in the local market. By leveraging our intellectual capital, infrastructure and working with our domestic and international partners and our young, energetic local talent, the sky is the limit to what we can accomplish in this marketplace. We're looking to redefine the shipbuilding industry as we know it today in India. This means we are open to new ways and approaches to maximizing our relationships with our local and multinational clients and thus creating and sustaining the full economic potential in our respective businesses. We are fanatical about creating results, and we see our role as not just shipbuilders or ship repairmen, but as a true business partner."


Mr.Augustine Pereira

Workshop Manager, West Coast Shipyard

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