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Quality is the hallmark of all West Coast Shipyard products and services. We work hard to continually improve our Quality Management System which helps us ensure that we will deliver the highest quality products and services possible, meeting or exceeding our customers expectations while complying with all contractual requirements.

Quality is a major priority with the Shipyard's experienced team of employees. Continuous effort is made to not only maintain, but also improve, specified standards in every process that goes into the construction of a ship.

To this end, all West Coast Shipyard products undergo rigorous in-house Bureau Veritas and Indian Register of Shipping Inspections, wherein the quality of the product is strictly checked. During the testing and sea trials, it is ensured that the vessel meets with the highest functional operating service requirements before it is commissioned. The Shipyard is now in the process of acquiring ISO 9002 certification.



Being a family-owned company, we are deeply concerned for the individuals working for us or on our behalf. We strive to achieve an incident-free workplace at all times.

We consider health and safety objectives to be of utmost importance. We recognize that effective management of health and safety, preventing injury and illness to our staff, is essential in order to deliver the best service to our customers.

We ensure that employees, visitors and contractors are not exposed to risks to their health and safety, by assessing any such risks and implementing suitable and sufficient risk control measures.

Our concern for health & safety does is not limited to our own facilities, but extends to our entire shipbuilding processes, to ensure that our vessels are entirely safe for our customers and their employees. We seek to continuously improve our products and processes in light of advances in health and safety.